Caitlyn Scarlett – Sunset Cigarette‏ | Music Video


Following the amazing success of her debut release “Bad Love”, that garnered over 180,000 plays to date, the beautiful Caitlyn Scarlett, who is only 19, now debuts the raw, stunning, and self-directed video for her single “Sunset Cigarette”, an intense acoustic, and memory-led story, that is taken off her 2014 EP Jurassic Jukebox and Other Drugs which was released earlier this year. The video for this track was filmed in LA and is based upon the theme of memories, and takes a trip down memory lane with the girl whom the song is written about.


To explore this theme, Scarlett hand picked projections that are then featured in the visuals. The visuals for the track coincide so perfect with the theme of the song as both are so raw, unique and delicate and come with a vintage and old style attitude that comes across highly artistic and equally first class. “I wanted the video to have a vintage sort of class about it so filming around Hollywood and Downtown with all the palm trees and old hotels seemed perfect“, explained Scarlett in speaking about her video. Check out the video montage right here.




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