California Musician eggcorn Unveils New Single ‘London’

Introducing eggcorn, the musical moniker of California singer, songwriter and musician Lara Hoffman. The name means a word or phrase that sounds like and is mistaken for another word or phrase, and Lara picked it for her stage name because of her love of wordplay.

Written in bed on a mini Yamaha PortaSound PSS-9 keyboard with built in beats and Hawaiian guitar setting, her new single “London” is an ode to a 2019 trip she made to the city. The song opens with the original canned electronic beat, quaint keys, and spare vocals before transporting into a lush alternative rock landscape, buzzing with bass and ornamented with samples from London’s underground tube network and Zoltar arcade played in Brighton.

Lara has been a singer-songwriter for most of her life, with live music pedigree across her base in California and near regions like Portland. However, as she puts it, she prefers compulsively creating in isolation instead of fully finishing her tracks.

In the last year though, she has been gaining momentum by sharing a few singles online, after having found the balance between the raw catharsis of her singular voice and lyrics with a more polished production. She is working towards a new album set for next year.

Speaking about the inspiration behind “London”, eggcorn says, “‘London’ is a memorialization of my trip there in 2019, documenting senses and feelings of places and for people while exploring themes of novelty, nostalgia, and artistic ambition. I wrote this song in bed upon returning to California and if you listen closely, you can hear sound clips from the Tube and Zoltar arcade we played in Brighton“.

Listen to “London” below:


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