California Rap Artist Duhon Shares New Track ‘Commencement’ | Music News


US rapper Duhon has released his latest offering titled “Commencement”! The hip-hop based tune comes with laid-back beats and has the potential to become the next big summer hit 2020.


Duhon represents his rather unknown hometown Menifee, California and stands out with his eclectic sound, containing elements of the modern scene and golden age. Furthermore he delivers a vigorous and dynamic sound, massive hooks and professional skills.


In 2019, his single “Hustle & Grind” made it into YouTube-influencer Patrickcctv’s list of the hottest songs and his collaboration with artists Mark Akol and J Clu on the track “Everytime” was even featured on Spotify’s editorial playlist.


Now Duhon heads primarily for more deeper and honest lyrics. In his previous single “Why Me?” the artist shared more personal thoughts and emotions than he ventured before. Now “Commencement” delivers a further insight into his wants and desires after just graduating college.


On the song, Duhon looks back at his vision while being in college and deals with his desires after graduating. He brings up topics such as corruption, visions and the hopes of gaining freedom. As a young black man, Duhon also addresses the risk he is taking to fulfill his dream and how short it can be cut by a bullet. 


“Commencement” is produced by bckgrnd and mixed and mastered by B4Lasers. The track is underpinned with a smooth electric guitar and an uplifting beat. Duhon expresses soulfully that he doesn’t want to sell his soul for the life he attempts to achieve. He overthinks his future and what is expected to come along with that. Listen to the track below.




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