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California Hip Hop artist U has released a new single called “Richmond”, titled after his hometown. This single is a way for the rapper-singer to pay homage to his hometown, the city that made him grow and evolve.


On a soft and smooth melody provoked by beautiful guitar chords, this song reminds us of long summer evenings. Nevertheless, with a soft rap and poignant lyrics, the singer tells us the slightly darker story of Richmond. It’s about inspiration but also speaks to poverty, gentrification, and growing up as a gay person in the hip hop world.


With a rap style that fits perfectly with the soft instrumental nature of the music, U delivers a poignant message about his life. Indeed, this is one of the artist’s skills. For every lyric he writes he puts “a lot of blood, sweat, and tears” in it, one more reason why the song is gripping.


Taking inspiration from Nipsey and 2 Pac, U says, “I’m a big fan and huge admirer of Nipsey Hustle and the legacy he left. He had a brilliant way of being positive in his music without being corny. It takes a very special voice to pull this off in rap. 2 Pac and Juice WRLD are other examples who I admire for the same reason. It is a goal that I, myself, have set in my art”.


We can therefore only advise you to listen to “Richmond” from U below:




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