Calligraphist – Crossroads | New Music


With a true emphasis for lyricism, rapper and poet Calligraphist paints for us a beautiful traveller’s picture with his latest song titled “Crossroads“. The song was both written and produced by the very man himself and is a follow-up from his previous “Godspeed“.


The man is clearly no stranger to music. Winner of Kool G Rap‘s emcee competition at the young age of 20, it has clearly set the precedent for him to embark on his musical journey, combining his poetic approach with his appreciation for real instruments to form a genre he likes to call “Audio Literature“.


There is something that’s just particularly soothing about “Crossroads”. While he is mainly known for his lyricism and presence in the Underground Hip-Hop scene, this song is more folk/acoustic than anything else yet in true hip-hop fashion he rides the beat and bassline well, just like you’d expect. He also doesn’t shy away from adding his own vocal melodies.


Have a listen to the new song below and get to know the name – Calligraphist.




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