Calpurnia – Greyhound | Music Video


With all the fuss and hiss surrounding the Stranger Things cast, a lot of attention and expectations has been placed on every side projects that each kid will take up next.


Surprisingly, the young cast does not seem to be too keen on the acting side, given that almost each member has started their own music band. Between Gaten Matarazzo‘s Work In Progress and Joey Keery‘s Post Animal, now it’s the turn of Finn Wolfhard‘s indie-band Calpurnia.


The ambitious young band, that has just recently released their very first EP Scout, has put together the visual for their guitar-drenched single “Greyhound“, a sassy reference to the famous American bus company.


The song is a nostalgic throwback to those teenage days when we all had, at least once, our heart broken. A scorned Wolfhard recalls “Bought two tickets last September/Before your harmful bliss” to a seemingly gone lover. Relying heavily on a guitar base accompanied by nice layers of back up chorus and drum beats, the single holds a sentimental feeling that is neither obvious nor trivial and that overshadows some of the more corny lyrics.


The music video, a 5 minute cut that follows each member of the band, chimes in with the vibe of the song, in what looks like a lost footage tape from one of those indie movies where the protagonists stroll around the streets with their jeans rigorously cuffed and the headphones on. Nothing really interesting happens in the video as the band look rather dull and numb. But then again isn’t this how we are supposed to feel after having our heart broken?


Watch the music video below:




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