Calvin Klein Model Goes From Cashier To Runway | Fashion News


Dylan Christensen was an ordinary boy from Long Island, working as a sales associate for a department store. Selling all the high end fashion brands to eager customers in order to earn money. However, things all changed for the 18 year old when he was approached by a scout whilst on shift and given the opportunity to work within the fashion industry.




Shortly after being signed, Dylan caught the eye of Ashley Brokaw, a casting director, and soon he was being shot in Calvin Klein for the brands latest collection. Living everyone’s wildest dream. By the second time he was walking for the brands menswear collection, everything apparently felt very ‘natural’ to him.


Even though he is currently walking the runway, apparently the long islander has bigger plans for himself. Explaining how he would like to go into styling at some point, still staying within the industry.




Furthermore, he explained how he can’t see himself styling celebrities, he would prefer to work on a more personal level, with clients. The ideal of helping someone create their own personal style is intreguing to him and he is interested in pursuing the career move. Dylan is a rising star, now scouted, and will no doubt soon be plastered all over the glossy pages of Vogue and Elle




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