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The New York City based band The Tristones have recently released their new single “Camaro”, the title track for their upcoming album that is due out in April this year.


The Tristones are a power rock trio fronted by Tristan Clark on guitar and vocals, Gregory Jones on bass and Adam Jackson on drums. They recorded their album Camaro in Portland, Maine, having some stunning guests such as keyboardist Dylan Hemming and vocalist Camille Miller.


Tristan Clark originally comes from Nanaimo, British Columbia, on the West Coast of Canada. He studied jazz in Toronto, where he formed the original iteration of The Tristones with some classmates. They recorded their debut album Donkey in 2012 before Clark relocated to New York to further develop his career.


In New York, he reformed The Tristones, and the band has already dropped engaging tracks influenced by various music genres such as rock, blues, funk and jazz.


Camaro” is the third single to be released from their forthcoming album of the same title. The track has a captivating rhythm and energetic rock-n-roll vibes, with its lyrics showing Clark’s affection to a classic car that is out of his reach.


Showing a fun twist on a love story, The Tristones’ latest track depicts the singer’s desire for a car from a hilarious perspective. Talking about the song, Clark explained: “‘Camaro’ was a fun song to write”. You will certainly have fun listening to it, so don’t miss it.


Watch the lyric video for “Camaro” here:




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