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Formed only earlier this year, Camden Welles is an art collective NYC based that, despite their young formation, have demonstrated clearly what they want to create with their own music.


Their journey as a band began with “About You”, with “Pretty Ugly” following their first single, riding the same musical wave, and able to impress with the strong message behind it. It is all about the self perception everyone has about themselves on social media, reflecting on the dangers of the social media world, where “Everything’s made up inside and out“.


As the band explained about the meaning of the “Pretty Ugly”: “Pretty Ugly is a song that challenges people to pause and look inward— to think about what social media does to our mental heath & how perception on the internet can be vastly different from that of real life“.


Their alternative rock vibes are perfectly put together, that they could easily be heard in music festival such as Danced at the Disco. The rhythm of the drums melts perfectly with dreamy sounds in the background in a fashion that is reminiscent of The Killers with a more evident electro-pop vein.


Listen to “Pretty Ugly” below:




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