Canada Rap Group Off Topic Return With ‘Old Friends’

The world aligned to put rap and hip hop crew Off Topic together from many threads to weave together the sounds of three vocalists and rappersBbyBooda, Yian, and TK Thasoulchild.

Off Topic (OT) was formed by a group of musicians who wanted to compose music about themes that were not in the mainstream. OT communicates messages about major concerns on the world and in society, while Single Art Custom design by Alox of Artical379 stays loyal to their musical upbringings by keeping it old school.

The band’s first single since their first EP 11:11 in 2019 is “Old Friends”. The track is ready to rock listeners’ hearts, minds, and souls. It reflects on past relationships with friends, family, and lovers, and how these ties are an extension of how we treat Mother Earth.

Speaking about the track, the band say, “We injure ourselves and our planet, Gaia, if we are disconnected from any of these beings. This song brought back memories of friends we admired and learned from in the past“.

BbyBooda, Yian, and TK penned the lyrics, with Mori Mori handling the production and live sampling of local musicians (Alan Ruiz, Daniel Hernandez, and Empanadas Ilegales), with Sammy Rich did the extra production and mixing at North Burn Studios.

MoriMori and Sammy Rich smashed it up and cooked up the rhythm, then Booda brought in the hook idea from her dream the night before. Her poem was inspired by a Native Amazonian speaker she had heard.

Yian added to the conversation by reflecting on the situation of the world and the damage done to the Amazon. TK Thasoulchild channelled his personal connection to the theme after hearing both of these powerful verses and finished the track in his own unique manner.

According to the band, “The energy between old friends is like a lasting ring of a bell, heard, but getting more and more distant. It’s how we as humans can just barely hear our connection to Mother Earth. This song is a wakeup call to humanity to act before it’s too late, with a comparison of that feeling you get when two old friends go separate ways”.

Listen to the song here:


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