Canadian Artist Grimes Sells Digital Art Collection As NFTs For $6 Million | Arts


Canadian artist and musician Grimes has auctioned off her digital art collection as NFTs for nearly $6 million. She had announced the auction on Twitter a day before the collection went on sale.


She sold a series of 10 pieces, created with brother Mac Boucher – some unique pieces and others that were printed in thousands of copies on Nifty Gateway, with the highest-selling item being a one-of-a-kind video titled ‘Death Of The Old’, which was sold for nearly $390,000.


Most of the sales came from two pieces, which were available in thousands of copies that sold for $7,500 each. The works were entitled Earth and Mars. Nearly 700 copies were sold for a total of $5.18 million.


The sale is based on the NFT (Non-fungible token), a new technology that is very much in vogue at the moment, allowing buyers to acquire ownership of a digital asset whether it is an image, animation or video.


Other artists have used this technology to make a fortune, such as Beeple who sold $3.5 million worth of artwork through Nifty Gateway last year, and the electronic musician 3LAU reportedly made over $11 million from the sale of albums and digital products.


This latest spectacular sale is a testament to the infatuation with Non-fungible token.


Finally, Grimes’ sale will also have served a good cause, as a percentage of the proceeds will be donated to Carbon 180, a non-profit organization that aims to reduce global carbon emissions.



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