Canadian Artist Jenny Kern Releases New Single ‘Coming Back For You’ | Music News


Originally from Canada, Brooklyn-based Artist Jenny Kern has just launched her new single “Coming Back For Me”. This new brand track, which became available on January 15, is produced by Andy Seltzer and mastered by Joe LaPorta.


The singer-songwriter made her debut in the music industry in 2019, with a first single “Slow Burn” and built quite the notoreity with it. Indeed, she was immediately invited to realize her first Europe tour, featured by MTV, ABC and CW.


Her voice can be recognized among many other artists. She has such a magnetic vocal style that it is becoming bewitching, and listeners will be captivated by this new single as well.


Jenny wants to dive us into the indie rock-pop universe with “Coming Back For Me”, which is “a song about solitude. It’s about being alone and learning to be okay with it”, according to her.


She adds that, “especially during this time, with everything going on in the world. There’s a tension between the inner self and the outer world. How we learn to deal with our emotions, our experiences, and our pain. It’s a process and this song helps guide people through it especially with the build of the song”.


We cannot wait for her future projects for 2021, which will be breathtaking for sure.


Listen to “Coming Back For Me” below:




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