Canadian Artist Sandy Marie Releases New Single ‘Heavy Hearted’

Sandy Marie is a 26-year-old singer/songwriter from Canada. She travelled around a lot when she was younger, but that never seemed to bother her. Being able to start over every year allowed her to become incredibly adaptive and made each year feel like a new adventure for her. If anything, she has always liked being the “new kid”. Everything is different this way – your home, school, and friends are all different.

She never really cared where she was as long as she had her family. When she was 13, she discovered her passion for singing and would sit in her room for hours, singing and dancing along to YouTube lyric videos. Despite having a strong desire to sing, she never exhibited it to anyone other than her sisters.

She eventually got over her fear and chose to jump right in and sing her heart out. She has been working on this record for years, and can’t wait to share it with everyone! “Heavy Hearted” is the first single of her upcoming album. According to her, “I knew ‘Heavy Hearted’ needed to be the first single because it was one that made those nerves come back. It was raw, real, and made me uncomfortable“.

As vulnerable as she felt while writing “Heavy Hearted”, she believes it gave her strength and closure, and has assisted her in overcoming past challenges. This song serves as a reminder for her to keep looking up even when things are difficult. The difficult times won’t endure forever, and things will become worse before they get better at times.

Listen to “Heavy Hearted” below:


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