Canadian Band Arkells Unveil New Single ‘Years In The Making’ | Music News


Two years after they released their successful album Rally Cry, which won the 2018’s Juno Award and has been critically praised, Arkells are now back and ready to kickstart 2020 with their brand new single “Years In The Making”.


Arkells are a five piece band from Hamilton, Ontario. They have been committed to social programs, such as supporting local journalism, alongside with building community experiences around their live shows.


Speaking of live shows, Arkells have proved they definitely know how to turn them into a powerful community experience. Their hometown show The Rally which took place in 2018 is the best example of how they managed to involve the local community, as the concert sold 24,000 tickets and was hailed as one of the biggest domestic lives in Canada.


Two years after their successful show, Arkells have released a potent track that is surely going to make crowds sing along with them. About their latest single, the frontman Max Kerman said: “it is meant to encourage us to find ways to embrace the bumps in the road, because all of our challenges are ultimately there to help us work towards the dream – whatever that may be”.


Years In The Making” has the powerful rock beats and the captivating rhythm you need when you walk towards your dreams, so do not miss the chance to listen to it. As Arkells get ready for their next The Rally show set for this summer, you can have a glimpse of their moves watching the official video for their new track.


Watch the video here:




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