Canadian Singer Cara Bateman Drops New Single ‘Love Is’ | Music News


Canadian vocalist Cara Bateman has just unveiled a new single called “Love Is”, a very promising neo-soul offering announcing her upcoming second EP.


“Love Is” is a reflection on lessons learnt through past loves. It is about discovering what is and is not good, healthy, and nurturing love.


Our own behaviours and those of our partners that, through hindsight, we recognize to have been destructive. It touches on our personal shift in priorities: previously admired qualities become less desirable, and different needs occur as we continue to develop and grow in life and love.


Cara’s soulful voice highlights the song’s heartfelt lyrics, floating effortlessly between dreamy, sultry, and powerful.


This song feels like a fresh start for the Canadian. It’s been four years since her country-rock debut EP First Songs, and Cara has been travelling and touring a lot during this time. She has grown, experienced love and heartache, and met musicians that inspired her.


“Love Is” is one of the four songs present on her upcoming follow-up EP Some Thoughts I’ve Had, which was recorded live-off-the-floor in a small bedroom in producer Yitzy Holton-Hindshaw’s home (Flavour Studios). The EP contains four pop songs with R&B/soul instrumentation.


Go listen to the track right now:




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