Canadian Singer Catherine Aria Releases New Single ‘Losing My Freakin’ Mind’ | Music News


Vancouver-based singer and songwriter Catherine Aria has released the first record of her forthcoming pop based EP I Don’t Write Love Songs, which is set for December 2020.


Catherine is an independent recording artist with a background in professional dancing, choreography and acting. In 2017 she released her first debut single “Be The One” and since then she has continued to develop her music continuously.


She composes the majority of her songs on piano and delivers a final fresh and modern sound, based on live and electronic instrumentation. In her music she deals with challenging moments but in a funny and entertaining way. She always keeps strength and inspires her listeners to keep going on.


Catherine believes in artist integrity and that music can inspire and heal people. In her opinion music is a way of express yourself and can be really powerful. “Losing My Freakin’ Mind“ is a multi-genre summer hit and offers a first insight into the upcoming project I Don’t Write Love Songs.


The song is fun to listen to and includes lofi vibes, such as blues, jazz, house, and hip-hop elements. The chorus of “Losing My Freakin’ Mind“ is catchy and uplifting – even though the lyrics about a serious topic. “I’m losing my freakin’ mind and I don’t know where to turn, I’ll keep saying I’m fine“, she sings.


The song speaks of challenging moments such as mental health and the pressure of societal standards, however it keeps a glimmer of hope, resilience, and a dash of f*ck it. It is a celebration of our imperfections, and embracing ourselves as we are”, Catherine points out. Listen to the song below.




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