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Canadian singer Denise Valle has just released her new EP Edge. Her music can be characterised as a hypnotic warmth of R&B with the insatiable rhythm of pop. Her lyrical narratives are met by her raw vocal wave embodying passion and enlightenment, with influences from neo-soul and contemporary R&B to captivate her audience and make her songs unique.


Indeed, she has been surrounded by the love of scene since her childhood, which has helped her to succeed to have a very important place on stage, thanks to the fact that she is determined to make every single moment on stage memorable and intimate for her audiences.


With her EP, Denise takes us through how each day can be for a person who is suffering from depression and anxiety, and she also talks about the immense heaviness that can leave a person bedridden all day, while also highlighting the hope that can come from positivity and friendship.


The title of her new EP represents an acronym for “Every Day Give Everything”, with Denise saying that we all can be confronted with a silent battle and that we have to fight against it.


Listen to the EP lead single and title track “Edge” below:




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