Canadian Vocalist Cara Bateman Unveils New Single ‘Perfect’ | Music News


Do you know that feeling of starting to date someone who’s seemingly perfect and you wonder, what is their flaw? “Perfect”, a new Cara Bateman song describes when things go so well from day one that you start to feel uneasy.


So many questions come to your mind, doubts but also hope. You don’t want to lose trust but how can this person possibly be single? They make you “feel so great”… “Perfect” is about those thoughts that creep up to haunt you when you’re perfectly happy with a new partner and the supposed non-negotiables you get ready to defend should they falter in their best behaviour.


Cara Bateman is a singer and songwriter based out of Delta, British Columbia. Anyone can hear what makes Cara Bateman’s voice special the moment she starts to sing. She floats effortlessly between dreamy, sultry, and powerful, writing singable but complex songs that showcase the full breadth of her ability.


Thanks to her talent, she’s got opportunity to perform with bands such as Dashboard Confessional, The Elwins, and Dizzy. In 2019, she was also handpicked as an emerging artist and showcased at the Canadian Music Week in Toronto, where she received rave reviews of her performance.


Listen to “Perfect” below:




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