Cancelled ‘Lucifer’ Might Get A Season 4 After All | TV News


A few weeks ago, FOX revealed Lucifer would not be returning for a fourth season on the network, leaving the popular sci-fi series unfinished. The response to this shocking news was not long in coming: fans immediately raised hell on Twitter over the show’s cancellation, begging for other networks to pick up the Amazon Prime programme.


As an attempt to ease the parting blow, two bonus episodes were aired on Monday night, but it did not prevent the fanbase from maintaining the #SaveLucifer social media campaign.


And now the series’ star Tom Ellis, who has been very vocal over his desire for the show’s revival as well, may finally be able to bring us some good news.


After thanking viewers for their incredible support at the MCM Comic-Con, Ellis surprised the audience with an exciting announcement : “Conversations have started happening as a result of the noise that you guys have been making. So all I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you”.


Does that mean the show will escape its tragic fate? Let’s just hope Ellis didn’t have to sell his soul to the devil to get the deal.




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