Captain America vs Black Panther Fight Almost Confirmed For ‘Civil War’ | Film News



There is no doubt about it, 2016 is the year of the superhero genre, and as we come closer and closer to that April 29th date more and more screenshots and trailers are being dissected to find all the little easter eggs the Marvel Cinematic Universe is known for.


This latest screenshot of Team…. America I guess, shows Captain America wielding his shield with some noticeable claw marks going down it. Now Caps shield is one of the most indestructible metals in all of comics, nothing can really put a dent in it, except for one other type of metal; adamantium.


No, I’m not suggesting Wolverine is going to make a surprise appearance in Civil War (as awesome as that would be) but this all indicates towards the other metal clawed animal themed superhero, Black Panther, brawling it up with the star-spangled avenger himself.


This could be a result of a full on fight scene or it could be the result of a momentary encounter, but with all the magic and high octane explosions bound to be in this movie, a well choreographed fight scene between two guys wouldn’t go amiss and might actually come across as quite refreshing. We will just have to wait and see.


Team America





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