Captain Sully Sullenberger Biopic To Be Directed By Clint Eastwood | Film News


Captain Chesley Sully Sullenberger will see his memoir, which was co-written by Jeffrey Zaslow and details the heroic account of captain Sully Sullenberger, come to life with Warner Bros. filming the adaptation, and Clint Eastwood set to direct, following from his highly successful (yet controversial) American Sniper.


Following the story of Chesley Sullenberger, where he heroically pilots an aircraft carrier on the Hudson River, after a fault during takeoff, which sees the hero going to great extents to save those passengers on board his aircraft. This won’t be Eastwood’s first time in charge of a biopic, as he also directed J.Edgar and The Changeling to great success. He will be searching for even greater success than American Sniper, which made $546 Million worldwide.



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