Cara Hammond Unveils Music Video For New Single ‘Ready For The Fall’ | Music News


London based indie artist Cara Hammond has released the official video for her first single of 2020, “Ready For The Fall”.


Cara Hammond is a singer and songwriter originally from North Wales but she is currently based in London. She has been performing her own songs since her early teens and her fruitful career has been already supported by the BBC.


Ready For The Fall” perfectly combines the artist’s unique voice with soaring strings over a vinyl crackle and deep bass, delivering a powerful blend of pop and soul.


The video shows two conflicting Cara’s as they battle it out between being self confident and submitting to your inner saboteur, in a fight that sounds like a never ending one in the very first lyrics “I can’t fight, I can’t fight no more”.


The two personalities inside Cara’s character keep on their confrontation until they ultimately both reach the extreme summit of a cliff and jump down at the same time. Just to find out that, after the fall, Cara is apparently made of both her inner selves.


This powerful song will get stuck into your mind, leaving you no other choice than playing it again and again. After a few listens, you will surely be asking yourself: “Are you ready for the fall?


Watch it here:




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