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It’s a second chance. When you live in a poor part of Peru, you have troubles, your existence is kept in prison and you are a woman, the most unimaginable thing that may happen to you – the opportunity to work for a fashion online retailer known worldwide.


This is the reality in the Cusco’s women’s prison, where statistically most of the female members sentenced there had been incarcerated for poverty that led them beginning small criminal acts.


The aim of Carcel is first of all to help these needy women to improve their skills, to learn an art, to earn money and somehow stop the poverty cycle that affects Peru.


Carcel was founded by Veronica D’Souza and Danish designer Louise van Hauen in 2016. The brand has its studios and offices in Copenhagen and in Peru. The two heads of the label met in Kenya where both were living; Van Hauen as a creative manager at a leather bag company, while D’Souza was heading a social startup for women.


This cooperation was a lucky opportunity for the regular workers at Carcel in Peru today. The choice was made in order to create a line of clothes sustainable, beautiful, handmade and 100% good quality. The design is Danish, the raw material Peruvian.


The latest news is of the collaboration with Net-A-Porter: since its launch in 2000 it has become the world’s premier online luxury fashion destination for content and commerce, and hosts its own editorial area too.


Since 2015, Net-A-Porter have been part of the YOOX NET-A-PORTER GROUP, and today has over 4700 employees, of whom 61% are women. The attraction to female brand Carcel was easy and since this Friday, it will be possible to buy Carcel products on the YOOX platform.


The main characteristics of the clothing line are simple shapes, high quality alpaca wool, natural, pure and local materials used and the love spread by the hands of those women in prison that for sure are dreaming to go out and assert themselves much more in the fashion world and the real world in general.







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