Cardi B Embraces Her ‘Weirdness’ In New Reebok Campaign | Fashion News


US rapper Cardi B has teamed up again with Reebok for the brand newest campaign Meet You There and the rapper has opened up about her personality, her ideas and her uniqueness.



Last year, Cardi B was tapped up by the famous sports brand to be one of their partners and ambassadors. Since then, she has been the face of some Reebok campaigns.


Meet You There is the latest Reebok collection, a streetwear-inspired line that celebrates diversity and individuality under a huge range of sizes and a “Break the standard” slogan.



In the campaign’s video, the rapper answers questions about her vision of life, her style and what makes her unique. “It’s definitely The Bronx, where I came from and my friends,” Cardi says about what influences her style.


Then, she shares her old insecurities about her personality and her accent after people started talking about it and explains how she decided to stay true to herself, saying “I gotta be real with myself all the time, that’s something I gotta do to stay me”.



At the end of the video, Cardi B reveals she first thought she was weird because everyone kept telling her she was, but then she started posting videos on Instagram and found out a lot of fans felt she is very relatable and that there is a lot of other ‘weirdos’ out there.



The Reebok Meet You There collection is a call to embrace your weirdness, what makes you special, through your outfits. “Your style is all yours”, claims the campaign.



Everything Cardi B wears in the advertisement can be found in the sports brand website. The Low-Impact Bralette and the Fitted Shorts both cost £22.95, but you can find many other pieces with similar prices in the collection.




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