Cardi B Kicked Out From Hilton Hotel By Racist Cops? | Music News


American hip hop artist Cardi B well known for her hit “Bodak Yellow“, was kicked out from the Hilton Albany in New York last Saturday, after the manager of the hotel called the police, complaining about the smell of weed and a loud party on the second floor, where she was staying.


The hip hop singer claimed in an Instagram video “The floor that I was staying in my hotel room, it smelled like weed. So the cops came in the middle of the night, knocking on my manager and on my door, talking about that we were smoking weed and we gotta get kicked out“.


She added that, “Now, if you know me, I don’t even talk about smoking weed because everybody knows that I do not smoke weed. I get very paranoid and none of my team members smoke weed. If they was to kick us out for something else, all right, but for weed? I’m not taking that because we do not smoke. I could get, we could all get drug-tested, nobody smokes. Nobody smokes, especially when I’m sleeping and I’m wild sick“.


On Sunday morning, Cardi B left the Hotel shouting “racist motherf–kers.” and she added “You’re not going to do that to me. Mind you, everyone on the floor was Caucasian. But you wanna kick us out? F–k out of here. I will not“.


She continued to talk the Hotel and the police, and also accused them of being racist.”I really don’t want to be the one that pulls the race card, like, ‘Oh, they did that because they’re racist.’ But that is the only explanation that I could f**kin’ find“.


The singer also denied the loud party accusation because hours earlier, she was performing at the Times Union Center, so she was sleeping.



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