Cardi B Prepares ‘Invasion Of Privacy’ Deluxe Edition For January, 2019 | Music News


There have been rumours for months about Cardi B releasing a deluxe edition of her hit album Invasion of Privacy and now it has been finally confirmed that she will be releasing one indeed.


Per Amazon UK, the album will be available on January 25, 2019. The link also includes the tracklist for the deluxe edition. It will feature all tracks that were on the original project and additionally two bonus singles “Money” and “Press”.


“Money” had been shared back in October and Cardi B teased “Press” on her Instagram on Tuesday. “Press, press, press, press, press, Cardi don’t need more press. Walk in, bulletproof vest, please tell me who she gon’ check”, she raps.



In August, the New York rapper had been teasing a new album release which would include some tracks that were not on Invasion of Privacy. However, it is uncertain whether or not she had meant the deluxe edition.


In April, the debut album Invasion of Privacy took the number one spot on the Billboard 200. “Bodak Yellow”, “Bartier Cardi”, “Be Careful”, and “I Like It” all have became major hit singles. The project had also received five Grammy nominations, as well as Album of the Year and Best Rap Album.


Thus, we can only expect this forthcoming deluxe edition to be a big hit as well.



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