Carla Kerridge Unveils New Track ‘Not The One’ With Lobo

Carla Kerridge is a self-taught musician and producer who is driven by her desire to express herself! Her R&B, Pop, and Soul music reflects her emotions, and the lyrics she creates are a translation of her ideas.

In September 2021, she publishes her debut single “Not The One”, which features London rapper Lobo, on her own independent label Canny Kedge Records.

The catchy tune features urban latin, pop and soul influences and tells the storey of Carla’s life. She’s originally from France and is now based in London, where she’s discovering a whole new way of life and making music.

This is her very first release! Everything you need to know is contained within the song’s lyrics. One thing Carla loves doing most is writing and incorporating aspects of her life into a novel!

When she originally started producing, she didn’t have anything specific in mind, but as she began to put things together, she thought of doing an instrumental for some TV shows and TeleNovellas or Movies. The rest, as they say, is history.

At the same time, she was meant to be cooking supper for a friend, but forgot about it and burned both the dinner and her buddy’s pan. The scent of charred food and her friend’s enraged expression gave her a burst of creativity, as she begun writing the lyrics of the song “I’ll probably burn your meals, by making some songs”.

Listen to “Not The One” below:


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