Carly And The Universe Release New ‘Rock The Baby’ Single And Visuals

We would like to take a minute and introduce to you Carly And The Universe and their wacky yet fun and interesting vibe.

They are and R&B, pop and soul band who are also infusing hip-hop influences into their music. From relationships to memories, and, of course, life lessons that impact all of us one way or another, their lyrical subjects always come down to matters of the mind.

Carly Liza (singer/songwriter), Mike Post (guitarist/producer), Freddy Hernandez (bass), and Cameron Clark (drums) make up the band who their fans know and admire today. They are based in Los Angeles and come from all around the world, which is exactly what makes them stand out.

According to the band, Carly represents the Cat, Mike represents the Moose, Freddy represents the Fish, and Cameron represents the Camarones. They form the animal kingdom, which, in turn, forms the band’s universe acoustically. Now how interesting does that sound?

Speaking about their new track, the band say, “We’re Carly and the Universe out with a slow burn single called ‘Rock The Baby’. In the mood for a bit of nostalgia? Then this one is for you!”.

Watch the video for “Rock The Baby” here:


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