Cassa Jackson Explores Social Media Addiction In New Single ‘Wild West’ | Music News

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Cassa Jackson Explores Social Media Addiction In New Single ‘Wild West’ | Music News


A contemporary issue that’s been at the heart of modern society for the past decade, the issue of social media addiction finds its voice in Cassa Jackson.


Music has been a part of Cassa’s life since her days at school, where she wrote her first song, taking her to the final of the Song Academy, songwriter of the year awards. She was soon spotted by Jo Garofalo and asked to perform as a guest solo artist at Wembley Arena for the ‘Voice in a Million’ charity event in 2017.


Shortly after, she was performing the same track to a crowd of 40,000 people at the ‘Colour Day Festival’ in Athens. In accordance with her hard working values, she continued her studies and excelled in foreign languages, studying French and Spanish at The University of Bristol.


She was soon working tirelessly to build her online following with a series of covers on streaming platforms, including her unique interpretations of Ariana Grande, Rita Ora and Zara Larsson to name a few. Her tracks have now picked up over 800k streams on Spotify, helping to build a fanbase for her original work across the globe. She’s spent the last year performing around the world and has just returned from supporting The Jacksons live in Spain.


It’s a career foundation she built almost entirely using the power of online platforms, social media influence and the hard-work involved with building an online brand. It’s a process she knows first hand, and it’s why she hopes ‘Wild West’ can provide a level of assurance to the next generation, struggling with their self-esteem in an inward looking culture. The track comments on an under-addressed issue, in the context of a powerful electronic pop gem.


Speaking about the new track “Wild West”, Cassa Jackson says, “‘Wild West’ is a lament for the girl I used to be before I had the pressure of social media. Instagram is a highlight reel that doesn’t reflect reality and we will never find happiness if we are constantly comparing our lives to an idealised version of beauty that we see online.


People can’t even match their own social media portrayals as everyone posts exaggerated versions of their own lives omitting any low points. I think the immense rise in mental health issues must be, at least in part, due to this tendency of social media to reflect a perfect version of an imperfect world“.




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