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Conversations About Her

‘Women In Art’ Exhibition Fights Patriarchy At Paris Fashion Week | Arts

  There may be something to discover that could be more important than a catwalk, during an important fashion show. Indeed, this year’s Paris Fashion Week has given space to an exhibition led by women artists called Women In Art in a pop-up gallery curated by The House of Fine Art (HOFA).   The opening day of the exhibition will[…]

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‘Batman’ Fans Across The World Celebrate His 80th Birthday | Culture

  Over the weekend, fans of Batman from all over the world celebrated the 80th birthday of the “Caped Crusader”. Thousands of people took part in parades wearing the symbolic bat masks and capes while holding medals with the message “Long live the bat”.   After the launch of the movie Joker and with a new Batman movie starring Robert[…]

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Instagram Sets New Limits On Diet And Cosmetic Surgery Posts | Culture

  Instagram and generally social media are having a deeper and deeper impact on our culture and in our lifestyle, above all, among young people. Influencers offer enviable beauty models, with a perfect look and a perfect body, but these models don’t always represent reality and most of the pictures on the web are clearly modified with filters or web-sites[…]

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Cancer Survivor Sarah Thomas Swim English Channel Four Times In 54 Hours | Inspiration

  An American woman Sarah Thomas is the first person to swim across the English Channel four times non-stop. Although swimming for 54 hours in a row may already seem almost impossible, the challenge becomes epic if we consider that Thomas is likely to have done 130 miles due to difficult currents and tides, and that she completed treatment for[…]

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Ai Weiwei Stages Guerrilla Protest In Munich Museum In Support Of Workers’ Rights | Politics

  Chinese contemporary artist and activist Ai Weiwei is well known, not only for his artworks but also for his political actions, for which he has been also arrested. The last political action in which he decided to involve himself was in Munich, at the Haus der Kunst. Ai reportedly criticized the museum’s management for buying expensive works of art “while[…]

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