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Conversations About Her

The V&A Announces ‘Tim Walker: Wonderful Things’ Exhibition | Arts

  It’s much more than a retrospective. The British photographer Tim Walker has delivered an entirely new body of works for his largest exhibition at the Victoria & Albert Museum.   Titled Wonderful Things, it’s the result of a Walker’s year exploration and research at the Victoria & Albert Museum .   He also met curators and conservators and visited[…]

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Artwork Depicting MPs As Chimpanzees Might Be The Most Expensive Banksy Ever Sold | Arts

  The most discussed anonymous artist Banksy has put up the painting Devolved Parliament for auction. The value of this work of art is impossible to define, but according to the auctioneer Sotheby’s, it could reach more than £1.5 million.   Banksy is well known for his political-themed artworks and for the powerful meaning they have: Devolved Parliament was painted[…]

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London Tattoo Convention Returns For 15th Anniversary Edition This Month | Arts

  This is more than just a tattoo show. The London Tattoo Convention (LTC) come back for its 15th anniversary edition later this month.   It’s the UK’s biggest tattoo show and it reunites the globe’s 400 most influential tattoo artists for an international competition.   This year, the prestigious tattoo competitions include world-renowned guest judges as Mark Mahoney. he[…]

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‘Tank Man’ Photographer Charlie Cole Has Died | Culture

  American photographer Charli Cole has died, aged 64, in his home in Bali, Indonesia. He was one of the photographers who captured the iconic Tank Man protester at Tiananmen Square, during the 1989 pro-democracy protests in Beijing, China.   Although three other photographers took a picture of the man, Cole’s photo is the most powerful one, since he managed[…]

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Why Are We All Talking About Instagram Influencer Caroline Calloway | Culture

  I don’t know if you know Caroline Calloway, but I ignored her existence until Twitter couldn’t stop talking about her, then I had to check.   So, this 27-year-old American girl is an Instagram Influencer with almost 800,000 followers. She described herself as writer, art historian, and teacher. She became famous by posting on Instagram, but her pictures weren’t[…]

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