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Conversations About Her

Meet The Grown Up Harry Potter In New ‘Harry Potter And The Cursed Child’ Play | Arts

  Get ready to dust off your Quidditch sticks, because the new play Harry Potter And The Cursed Child has now been cast. Jamie Parker, one of the original History Boys who is currently starring in Guys And Dolls at London’s Savoy Theatre, is to star as a grown-up Harry Potter. Harry is now a father of three, who works[…]

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J.K. Rowling Defends Casting Of Black Actress In ‘Harry Potter And The Cursed Child’ | Arts

  When we think of Hermione Granger, we instantly think of the wonderful Emma Watson. Her image is ingrained in our minds. Today, however, the world gifted us with a brand new and equally brilliant Hermione. Veteran stage actress Noma Dumezweni will portray our favourite book-smart wizard in the upcoming West End stage play Harry Potter and The Cursed Child.   Not[…]

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Ella December Debuts ‘Mimi Memoirs’ Novel | Arts

  22-year old author Ella December has just unveiled her third novel titled Mimi Memoirs. If you’re already a fan of the BEFFTA Award and Amor Lifestyle Award nominated writer, then you will recognise Mimi Memoirs, which she first introduced in 2013 as a five-party short story series. Now the series, which follows fictional character 24-year old British Nigerian woman[…]

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Banksy Art Exhibition ‘Dismaland’ Comes To A Cheery End | Arts

  Banksy’s latest art exhibition ‘Dismaland Bemusement Park’ is coming to the end of its five week lifespan. Situated in the seaside town of Wester-Super-Mare, the bemusement park aimed to provide an alternate perspective to the otherwise sparkling, shiny distraction that is provided by theme parks today. The park itself was home to pieces from over 50 artists, including Bill Barminski, Caitlin[…]

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Canterbury Shakespeare Festival To Kick Off With ‘Romeo And Juliet’ | Arts

  The newly established Canterbury Shakespeare Festival will kick off with Romeo And Juliet, as well as a staging of A Midsummer Nights Dream. The outdoor performances will take place on the University of Kent campus, with Romeo And Juliet taking place on the 14th of August until the 16th of August, and A Midsummer Nights Dream playing from the 21st until the 23rd[…]

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