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West Glamorgan Youth Theatre Spared Funding Axe | Arts

  A youth theatre in Wales that began the careers of Michael Sheen, and Joana Page, has dodged a funding axe. Swansea Council had proposed to drop West Glamorgan Youth Theatre’s annual £28,000 grant completely, but the authority has instead settled on a 20% reduction. The theatre was still funded for the following year, but grant rules have changed, and[…]

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Catwoman Revealed As Bisexual In Latest DC Comic | Arts

  Catwoman’s alter-ego Selina Kyle, has been revealed as bisexual in the latest issue of the character’s comic book. Catwoman, has been romantically entwined with Batman since her first appearance 75 years ago, but in the latest issue, Kyle kisses a female character called Eiko Hasigawa, who is the current ‘Catwoman’ in the series. Kyle, who has hung up her[…]

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Marvel Comics To Debut All-Female ‘Avengers’ Team | Arts

  It has lately been announced that Marvel Comics will be featuring a new Avengers comic book with an all-female cast. The exclusive female character line-up will be one of Marvel Comic’s top properties; and the female Avengers team will go by the name of A-Force. Not only will the book feature some of Marvel’s well-known female heroes, it will[…]

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Poet Nkemjika Chrisien Akudo Okeke Talks ‘Beyond Dialogismos’ With Sunday Trust | Arts

  New and emerging poet Nkemjika Okeke has just had her first collection of poetry published, the book is called Beyond Dialogismos. She is a graduate of English and Literary studies from the University of Nigeria. In a recent interview with the Sunday Trust, Okeke discusses the prominence of social commentary in literature among other things, while also discussing her[…]

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Poetry&Words Offering Poets Chance To Perform At Glastonbury | Arts

  Performing at this year’s Glastonbury festival is open for submissions from spoken word artists, thanks to Poetry&Words. Poetry&Words – the poetry stage – is looking for experienced poets, writers and the like to fill their line up this year. They are also offering a free ticket to those who are successful, along with a small undisclosed performance fee, but[…]

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