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Conversations About Her

Alexandra Burke Shines As Rachel Marron In ‘The Bodyguard’ Musical | Arts

  X-Factor UK winner Alexandra Burke has had an absolutely sensational couple of years after winning the X-Factor in 2008, starring as “Rachel Marron” in the musical inspired by popular 1992 film The Bodyguard starring the late Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner. The film is a romantic drama with a great level of musicality incorporated into it also, and in[…]

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Sam Holcroft – Rising Playwright To Watch For 2015 | Arts

  Sam Holcroft is from London, and holds a degree in biology from Edinburgh University. What Holcroft does as a dramatist is involve her knowledge of human science, related to our psychology, in terms of behaviour and our development of civilisation. She uses these laws and injects them heavily into the characters she writes, as a device to ultimately understand[…]

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Photographer Jane Bown Dies Aged 86 | Arts

  Jane Bown was one of the most renowned photographers to represent many aspects of cultural history through her beautiful portraits. She captured the ordinary, the extraordinary, and her work was done with simplicity that produced remarkable results. She is responsible for capturing that charismatic photograph of playwright Samuel Becket, the one that boasts his sharp eagle features, and shows[…]

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Highbrow Judging Panel Announced For 2015 Man Booker Prize Award | Arts

  For one of the most recognized and career changing awards for any writer, the judges for the 2015 Man Booker Prize have been revealed. Are they an intimidating panel? Supposedly so, but not quite due to the ultimate decisions being based on the fact that it’s the publishers who decide where all the money goes in that whole misty[…]

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Maxine Peake Set For Lead Role In ‘How to Hold Your Breath’ At Royal Court Theatre | Arts

  Star of successful Channel 4 drama Shameless, Maxine Peake is following her critically acclaimed role as Hamlet performed at the Royal Exchange Theatre in Manchester, with a lead role in Zinnie Harris’ play How to Hold Your Breath at London’s Royal Court Theatre. The play is said to deal with our most previous history concerning Europe, it aims to[…]

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