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Conversations About Her

Exploring The World Close To You | Inspiration

  I have been sitting on the idea to go travelling for quite a while now. For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to pick up my bags and set off to some unknown land. I have even contemplated getting my friends involved. Haha, very funny. I can hear you mocking me, what “friends” can a fat[…]

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Garðar Ólafsson Captures Stunning Visuals Of Iceland | Inspiration

  A short video to brighten up your weekend. This fantastic video gives another insight into the volcanic rock that is Iceland. Having been there in February this year , I can say that no video will ever do this place justice but this does get it pretty close! With some fascinating angles using the newest technology and drone cameras,[…]

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Kanye West Delivers Moving Speech At L.A. Trade Technical College | Inspiration

  Kanye West is a man who loves fashion alongside his successful career as a musician and, with that in mind, he was asked to deliver a graduation speech to those who had studied fashion and were leaving L.A. Trade Technical College to go into the real world. He implored all there to never let go of their dreams and[…]

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Sponsored: Pepsi Max Debuts ‘Drone Football’ Video For Genius #LiveForNow Campaign | Inspiration

  Pepsi Max has revealed its debut global brand campaign taking the name ‘Genius’ through an array of videos and unique experiences. The socially based project has made its premiere with the spectacular video ‘Drone Football’, which turns an ordinary late night five-aside match between friends to a highly technical visual encounter that’s never been seen before.   Giving a[…]

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The Importance Of Kim Fowley’s Legacy | Inspiration

  Music thrives on eccentricity and excitement. When musicians dare to subvert the norm and court controversy, their following quadruples through exploits of bad behaviour and the endless curiosity of kids told not to buy their music. These characters are needed to keep things fresh and interesting. Kim Fowley was such a character, a sequin studded king of hysteria, rock[…]

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