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Three Famous Faces You Didn’t Know Were Former Refugees | Inspiration

  Refugees are a mainstay topic in Europe and all around the world nowadays. Immigration is under discussion heavily in politics and media. There are many people who decide to risk their lives and change their way of living for search of a better life in another country.   When we hear the word ‘refugee’, we tend to think about[…]

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London’s First Crisp & Dip Cafe HIPCHIPS Reinvents The Potato Crisps | Inspiration

  Yes, potatoes can be different – the crisps that HIPCHIPS offer, are made of at least out of seven types of it. And yes, they can be eaten with savoury AND sweet dips – think something like Nutella or… chocolate salty caramel cheesecake. Sounds intriguing, right?   The head chef, Scott Davis, spent a few years developing the innovative[…]

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Inspiration For Women Everywhere – Four Celebrities Who Went to College Online | Inspiration

  For years now, women have risen to the challenges they face by living and working in a man’s world. Although great strides in equality have been made in the past 50 years, there is still much to be done and women of every race and of every nationality need that extra bit of inspiration to motivate them to rise[…]

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Atlanta Green Announces New Book ‘As Told By Her: The Manifesto’ | Inspiration

  Published author, spoken word artist, blogger, and aspiring playwright, Atlanta Green, has decided to put together a guide to female empowerment to encourage, inspire, and educate likeminded creatives about the AS Told By Her brand and concept of where it started from and the future of it.   As many of you may know As Told By Her is[…]

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Women Talk: Can Women Really Have It All? | Inspiration

  Girl Talk London presents ‘Women Talk: Can Women Really Have It All?’, on Tuesday, September 27, at Allen and Overy in London. An evening of insightful, informative, and inspiring conversation with a panel of influential women and men that work for FTSE100 business within the corporate and media industry.   The event will focuses solely on how women and[…]

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