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Hong Kong Museum M+ Forced To Remove Ai Weiwei ‘Tiananmen Square’ Photograph | Arts

  Recently, a group of pro-Beijing politicians and newspapers have accused Hong Kong’s upcoming M+ museum of violating China’s national security law, with a complaint filed to the police last week.   The complaint was centered around one of Ai Weiwei particular photography work that was seen in the soon-to-be-opened museum’s press preview and website – the photograph in question[…]

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Yomi Sode Signs With Penguins Press For Poetry Collection ‘Manorism’ | Arts

  British Nigerian poet Yomi Sode has just signed with publishers Penguin Press to release his brand new poetry collection book Manorism in the UK and the Commonwealth. The book is set for release in the spring of 2022.   Regarding the collection itself, Yomi Sode dives into his Nigerian-British diaspora experience, and will explore family, survival, generational issues and[…]

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Tasweer Photo Festival Celebrates Black Beauty With ‘New Black Vanguard’ Exhibition | Arts

  As part of the first ever Tasweer Photo Festival in Qatar, photographers of African descent across fashion and design are being honoured for their work in an exhibition called The New Black Vanguard: Photography Between Arts And Fashion, which aims to celebrate black beauty.   Artists such as Tyler Mitchell, Namsa Leuba and Renell Medrano are expressing their celebration[…]

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Eddie Murphy Discusses Plans For Return To Stand-Up Comedy | Culture

  Hollywood legend and Coming 2 America actor Eddie Murphy recently appeared on Kevin Hart‘s SiriusXM radio show Comedy Gold Minds, where he talked about wanting to return to stand up once the pandemic is over and everyone can get back to normal life.   Kevin Hart began by saying “Eddie, I don’t like talking to you about stand-up no[…]

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Canadian Artist Grimes Sells Digital Art Collection As NFTs For $6 Million | Arts

  Canadian artist and musician Grimes has auctioned off her digital art collection as NFTs for nearly $6 million. She had announced the auction on Twitter a day before the collection went on sale.   She sold a series of 10 pieces, created with brother Mac Boucher – some unique pieces and others that were printed in thousands of copies[…]

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