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Conversations About Her

Patti Smith And David Lynch Talk ‘Twin Peaks’, Pussy Riot And Wanting No Answers | Interviews

  As part of the latest Newsnight Encounters series, an arts program commissioned by the BBC, we witness music icon Patti Smith and cult film director David Lynch discuss their relationships with their art, and some other stuff. What a neat coming together for us art freaks to see. This past Friday, Lynch and Smith met up for their chat[…]

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Jasmine Mans And Yomi ‘Greeds’ Sode Announce ‘Sacrifice’ Tour – December 5 – 11 | Events

  Renowned Spoken Word artists Jasmine Mans and Yomi ‘Greeds’ Sode are embarking on a join tour in London next month, from December 5 to December 11. The duo will be playing three live shows on the 7th, 8th and the 11th, with workshops being held on the 5th, 6th, 9th and 10th of December, tickets for all these dates[…]

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Mischief Theatre Improvisation Comedy Workshop – Sunday, November 16 | Events

  Mischief Theatre who are well known for their funny improvised madness in shows like The Play That Goes Wrong, have put on a brilliantly improvised workshop for all wannabe, could be, comedy actors, in the state of improvisation. The workshop is into its fourth class and lasts for a six week period. Their fourth class takes place this Sunday,[…]

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The Transformation Of Andy Warhol Studio ‘The Factory’ By Billy Name | Inspiration

  The centre of 1960’s New York pop art revolutionaries was nothing but a dark and dingy work space until Billy Name came into Andy’s life. Billy was Andy’s lover, friend and had become his hands on personal assistant for everything Andy needed. Most importantly he was the one who brought The Factory to light and to life. The beginning[…]

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Hedy Lemarr – Iconic Hollywood Actor And Somewhat Of A Genius Inventor | Inspiration

  Hedy Lemarr was a 19th Century Hollywood screen icon born in Europe (Vienna) in 1914, who had by the age of 18 already graced the Hollywood stage. Lemarr was not only a top celebrity in the world of show business, she was also a qualified mathematician, and the inventor of frequency hopping spread spectrum, a technology still used in[…]

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