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Zack Snyder Denies That ‘Batman vs Superman’ Trailer Is A Huge Spoiler | Interview

  WARNING, this article contains spoilers!   Despite the most recent trailer for Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice being highly criticised by fans for revealing too many spoilers, director Zack Snyder has defended his beloved creation; insisting that the trailer featuring the Man of Steel and the Dark Knight in a superhero smackdown doesn’t spoil the film.   The trailer was[…]

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‘Captain America: Civil War’ Director Jo Russo Explains Why Spiderman Will Be Different | Interview

  So far, clues for 19 year old Tom Holland‘s performance as Spiderman in Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War have remained a guided secret; with the iconic hero even being excluded from the film’s trailers. However, it seems that Joe Russo is willing to shed a little light on the situation, for the movie’s director has revealed how their version of Peter Parker[…]

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J.J Abrams Responds To Accusations That ‘The Force Awakens’ Is A ‘Rip Off’ | Interviews

  Thankfully, J.J Abrams‘s creation The Force Awakens has spectacularly reignited our faith in the Star Wars franchise; whilst breaking several box office records and being poised to become the highest grossing film of all time. However, several fans (including myself) managed to notice extreme similarities between George Lucas‘ 1977 classic creation that started it all – A New Hope, which left certain individuals slightly disappointed with the[…]

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Simon Pegg On The ‘Fun’ And ‘Pressure’ Of Writing ‘Star Trek Beyond’ | Interviews

  He’s certainly been busy recently. Considering Simon Pegg is writing AND starring in Paramount Pictures’ upcoming Star Trek Beyond, it’s surprising he found the time to discuss his experience in crafting the film with Luckily for you Trekkie fans he gave a pretty good overview, revealing that is has been a pretty emotional roller coaster of a journey, but he had fun[…]

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Sandra Bullock Shares Her Late Mother’s Life-Changing Advice | Film News

  In a exclusive interview with People, Sandra Bullock, who recently adopted her 3-year-old daughter Laila, opened up about the fear of adding a little girl to the family. Bullock was already a mother to 5-year-old Louis but revealed that the thought of expanding, and adopting a little girl made her nervous.   “I have to be honest and say[…]

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