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‘Appropriate Behaviour’ – Life’s Clever Executions | Film Review

  How many Iranian-Americans do you see walking down the street with a giant strap-on in the opening credits of a movie? Not many. However, Desiree Akhavan uncompromisingly takes initiative from her own life story to produce, direct and act in this quirky, witty and genuinely heart-warming story about the consequences of love; woe, oblivion and remorse, titled Appropriate Behaviour.[…]

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‘Troll 2’ (1990) – Has To Be Seen To Be Believed | Film Review

  To movie aficionados, this piece of cinematic art needs no introduction, but I’m going to give it one anyway. Troll 2 is supposedly a horror film written and directed by supposed human Claudio Fragasso, known previously for his exploitation films, and is about a family who travel to the small town of Nilbog (Which is Dracula, I mean Goblin[…]

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‘You’re Next’ (2011) – Netflix Horror Pick of the Week | Film Review

  At first glance, You’re Next appears to be your typical home invasion flick. A wealthy couple moves into a decadent country manor and invites their four children and their significant others to spend their wedding anniversary with them. Everything is fine and dandy, albeit awkward and tense due to the family’s strained relationship, until a group of masked strangers[…]

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‘Jurassic World’ (2015) – Sterile And Shockingly Average | Film Review

  I was really looking forward to Jurassic World, so I’m sad to say that for the most part it’s a shockingly average film. There are some nice nods to the previous film and it is hilariously self-aware at points but the film felt cluttered and baggy never capitalizing on its fantastic concept.   The stand out moments include seeing[…]

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‘Cop And A Half’ (1993) – Netflix ‘Netflop’ Of The Week | Film Review

  Have you ever wanted to see Burt Reynolds sweat for a solid ninety minutes, while babysitting a small child? If so Cop and a Half is a must see. Allow me a moment to explain the bizarre fever dream of a story that is Cop and a Half.   Devon Butler (Norman D. Golden II) is an 8 year[…]

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