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‘Flesh Computer’ – Cronenberg-Esque Short Film Raises Interesting Philosophical Questions | Film Review

  With Halloween fast approaching, a collection of horror films are in anticipation for general release, but setting aside these widely distributed features, we have an intriguing short film written and directed by Ethan Shaftel called Flesh Computer. Many are describing the film as ‘Cronenberg-esque’ in reference to body horror filmmaker David Cronenberg, and being a fan of the director[…]

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‘Gone Girl’ – Packs A Sadistic Twisted Punch | Film Review

  Based on the novel by Gillian Flynn, Gone Girl is David Fincher’s latest psychological thriller that packs a twisted punch. With Ben Affleck playing our protagonist, Nick Dunne, and the effervescent Rosamund Pike staring along side him as wife, Amy, these two prestige actors give a brilliant performance that ring true to Flynn’s original characters. Initially, the narrative is[…]

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‘RoboCop’ – Explosive, Gory and Dramatic | Film Review

  The Robocop remake that hit the cinemas earlier this month is adapted from the original 1987 film starring Peter Weller as the robotic police office. In the new film, Joel Kinnaman stars as policeman Alex Murphy who is badly wounded in a car explosion, perpetuated by crime boss Antoine Vallon to take his life. With consent from Murphy’s wife[…]

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