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Will Smith To Star In Sci-fi Film ‘Brilliance’ | Film News

  Oscar Award-winning actor Will Smith is set to star in the new science-fiction film titled Brilliance, being developed by Legendary Pictures. Smith is set to play Nick Cooper, a federal agent who has a remarkable gift for catching terrorists, in the Julius Onah-directed flick.   The film is set in Wyoming where one percent of people are born with[…]

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‘Fantastic Four’ Lead Cast Revealed | Film News

  The cast line-up for the upcoming Fantastic Four film has finally been decided. According to recent media reports, producers have lined up Michael B. Jordan, Jamie Bell, Miles Teller and Kate Mara to play the lead roles. Michael B. Jordan will play the role of Johnny Storm aka the Human Torch, Kate Mara will play Sue Storm aka Invisible[…]

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‘James Bond’ Cinematographer Will Not Return To Franchise | Film News

  Legendary cinematographer Roger Deakins who worked on the last Bond instalment Skyfall will not return to work on the next Bond film. Many have praised Deakins’ work on Skyfall and the beautiful visual backdrops he is able to create. In particular, the breath-taking clip of Bond looking across London has been recognized as one of the most captivating scenes[…]

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‘Avatar’ Sequels On Schedule Accoridng To James Cameron | Film News

  Director James Cameron has updated fans on the progress of the three sequels to Avatar saying they are still in the early stages. At this moment in time, Cameron is spending his time more on the creative processes needed for animation. The director is helping to design the main characters, settings and new creatures which inhabit Pandora.   Fans[…]

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‘Noah’ Poster Revealed Featuring Emma Watson | Film News

  Emma Watson known for her role as Hermione in the Harry Potter franchise is the focus of the new film poster for Noah. Noah is based on the Bible story of Noah’s ark and is directed by Darren Afronsky, with the screenplay for the film written by Ari Handel and Darren Afronsky.   The poster shows Watson, who plays[…]

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