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‘Unhinged’ Director Derrick Borte To Helm Horror-Thriller ‘Black Forest’ | Film News

  Although all the hubbub regarding cinemas re-opening revolved around the release of Tenet, it was actually the Russell Crowe road rage thriller Unhinged that was the first new film released to cinemas in the US. Obviously something from that film piqued the interest of a producer somewhere, as director Derrick Borte has been hired to helm a horror-thriller titled[…]

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Madonna To Co-Write & Direct Her Own Biopic At Universal | Film News

  Well, this is interesting. Sick of all those by-the-numbers biopics that tell the life of a famous person in pretty similar, rote ways? Well what if the subject themselves directed their own biopic? That’s exactly what’s happening with Madonna, who is co-writing and directing her own biopic at Universal. She’ll pen the film alongside Diablo Cody (Juno, Young Adult).[…]

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Netflix Developing Feature Adaptations Of ‘The Kane Chronicles’ | Film News

  Netflix are developing feature film adaptations of Rick Riordan‘s Kane Chronicles. Riordan, who also wrote the Percy Jackson series, is reportedly developing the series himself.   The books explore Egyptian gods in the modern world through the eyes of Sadie and Carter Kane, powerful magicians descended from the two pharaohs Narmer and Ramses the Great. The first of the[…]

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‘Host’ Director Rob Savage Signs Three-Picture Deal With Blumhouse | Film News

  Host, an original movie on horror streaming service Shudder, became one of the first movies to shoot during and address the coronavirus pandemic when it was released a month ago. The film is a found-footage horror film shot entirely on Zoom, and somehow managed to be both terrifying and a perfect distillation of how we all feel right now.[…]

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Regina King, Lakeith Stanfield, Zazie Beetz & Delroy Lindo Join Jay-Z’s Netflix Project | Film News

  The Harder They Fall, the upcoming Netflix movie directed by Jaymes Samuel and produced by Jay-Z, has just added a host of talent to an already impressive cast. The movie already had Idris Elba and Jonathan Majors on board, but it’s now added Regina King, Lakeith Stanfield, Zazie Beetz and Delroy Lindo.   The film is an all-Black western[…]

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