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‘Brick Mansions’ Starring Paul Walker Unveils Trailer & Poster | Film News

  It was recently announced that late actor Paul Walker, known for his role in the Fast and Furious franchise, completed filming all his scenes for the forthcoming Brick Mansions film before passing. Directed by Camille Delamarre, the film is a remake of French thriller Banlieue 13 also known as Disrtict B13. Paul Walker plays undercover police officer Damien Collier[…]

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‘Winter’s Tale’ Release Complete B-Roll Featuring Russell Crowe & Colin Farrell | Film News

  Russell Crowe and Colin Farrell are the obvious stars in the newly released movie clips and B-Roll footages for upcoming movie Winter’s Tale. Colin Farrell stars as thief Peter in this fantasy drama film with Crowe playing his arch nemesis.   Perhaps, the most intriguing clip released ‘What’s So Special About Peter?’, focuses on the villain of the film[…]

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‘Haunt’ Horror Movie Releases New Teaser Clip | Film News

  Directed my Mac Carter and written by Andrew Barrer, Haunt is a horror story about a shy teenage boy called Evan, who forms a connection with his new neighbour, as they begin to explore the haunted house his parents unwittingly purchased.   In the new teaser clip titled “Possessed”, Evan and his neighbour are spooked and try to escape[…]

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Scarlett Johansson Graces Official ‘Under The Skin’ Film Poster | Film News

  Scarlett Johansson is the focus of the official poster for her upcoming film Under the Skin. Johansson plays an alien who is sent to Earth by a rich corporation to prey on unsuspecting hitch-hikers, in the forthcoming indie film directed by British film maker Jonathan Glazer, who is behind the films Sexy Beast and Birth.   The film is[…]

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‘Non-Stop’ Releases New Scene Teaser Featuring Liam Neeson & Lupita Nyong’o | Film News

  In the forthcoming film Non-Stop, Liam Neeson plays US federal air marshall Bill Marks, who whilst on a plane flight receives a series of messages revealing that his fellow passengers will be killed unless $150 million is transferred into a secret account, with the culprits threatening to kill a passenger ever twenty minutes until the full amount of money[…]

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