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Javier Bardem Considering Joining ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean 5’ Cast | Film News

  Javier Bardem wowed us as super-psycho Silva in Sam Mendes‘ Skyfall but now it seems he’ll be getting his swash-buckle on as the new Pirates of the Caribbean 5 villain. Despite the production of the fifth movie in the Pirate franchise being really slow, things have finally seemed to pick up after this brilliant news!   The Wrap were the[…]

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Robert Downey Jr. To Return As ‘Iron Man’ In ‘Captain America 3’ | Film News

  Iron Man himself, Robert Downey Jr. is set to join Chris Evans’ Captain America for its third installment! Marvel fans, go nuts! Variety reported the story that’s pretty major in the Marvel world. According to the exclusive, Captain America 3 will focus on a Civil War story line, where we find the Captain and Iron Man up against each[…]

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Will Dave Bautista Join ‘Bond 24’ As Henchman Hinx? | Film News

  The Guardians of the Galaxy actor Dave Bautista may just be joining Daniel Craig in new Bond film as, not long ago, it was reported that they were looking for; “an imposing, extremely physically fit actor… someone very unusual, possibly from a sports background”, to play one of the antagonist’s henchmen”. In walks Dave Bautista, the human equivalent to a[…]

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Hugh Grant Confirms Departure From ‘Bridget Jones 3’ | Film News

  Serial cheater Mr. Daniel Cleaver will not be returning to world of Bridget Jones, as Hugh Grant decides to put this famous bad boy character to bed. Grant has spoken to Free Radio via The Hollywood Reporter, that despite being attached to the proposed project for many years, he will not be joining the famous cast for another go.[…]

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Michael Keaton Open To Returning As ‘Batman’ | Film News

  A Batman of movies past rocked up to this years New York Comic Con to promote new movie Birdman but it was his mentioning of Batman that got fans right in the feels. Michael Keaton sat down to talk about his up and coming movie about a washed up, ex-superhero actor and ended up re-living some memories of his[…]

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