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Anthony Daniels To Suit Up As C-3PO In ‘Star Wars Episode VII’ | Film News

  Any leaked Star Wars news is exciting news, no matter how small is. Anthony Daniels (C-3PO actor) has announced today that he will be jumping straight back into the suit of the gold loved protocol droid C-3PO for the next currently untitled Star Wars Episode VII movie. Daniels was originally asked if he would like to do the voice[…]

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‘Doctor Strange’ Rumoured To Begin Filming In London In 2015 | Film News

  Oscar Award nominee and Walk The Line star Joaquin Phoenix is rumoured to be playing character Dr Strange in Marvel’s latest comic book adaptation. The supernatural horror story Doctor Strange is said to start filming in mid 2015 at World famous London studios Shepperton and Pinewood. Although not scheduled for release until the 8th of July 2016, Marvel Studio[…]

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Remake Of Korean Horror Film ‘I Saw The Devil’ In The Works | Film News

  Although most of you are probably sick to death of hearing the words ‘horror’ and ‘remake’ in the same sentence, your prayers may have been answered with this new and upcoming feature which is sure to knock some life back into horror reboots. Simon Barrett and Adam Wingard, collaborators on last year’s horror hit You’re Next and 2012’s V/H/S,[…]

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Watch Second Trailer For Jason Reitman’s ‘Men, Women & Children’ | Film Trailer

  “Discover how little you know, about the people you know”. Following on from its initial trailer last month which existed only of music and the crescendo of incoming texts, MTV have released a new theatrical trailer this week for Jason Reitman’s newest drama Men, Women & Children. Based on Chad Kultgen’s novel of the same name, the rather depressing[…]

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Matthew McConaughey Will NOT Be Returning For ‘Magic Mike XXL’ | Film News

  Although having previously confirmed that the entire cast of Magic Mike would be returning for a sexy sequel, director Gregory Jacobs has unfortunately announced Matthew McConaughey aka ‘Dallas’ will NOT be returning for the franchise’s second installment Magic Mike XXL. There are no reports right now detailing McConaughey’s decision to step down from the project, but due to his[…]

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