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Basketball Star Lebron James To Play Lead In ‘Space Jam 2’ | Film News

  Two-time NBA Championship winner Lebron James will star in the sequel to the classic Space Jam which originally starred Michael Jordan in 1996. James showed interested in starring in the sequel two years ago via twitter, which many believe begun the development on the project.   The original film starring Michael Jordan saw the villains steal basketball player’s ability[…]

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Jeff Goldblum To Return For ‘Independence Day 2’ | Film News

  Jeff Goldblum known for playing the kooky doctor in Jurassic Park will return to Independence Day 2 to reprise his role as David Levinson, who along with his son devised a plan to fight against the alien attack on Earth, in the first movie. Roland Emmerich will be serving as the director for the sequel, along with Dean Devlin[…]

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‘Sin City: A Dame To Kill For’ Filming Completed, ‘Sin City 3’ Already In The Works | Film News

  Director Michael Rodriguez has revealed that filming for the sequel to Sin City has been completed. This sequel is called Sin City: A Dame To Kill For and like the first film, is based off the graphic novels written by Frank Miller. The original film saw an ensemble cast which included Jessica Alba, Brittany Murphy, Bruce Willis, Rosario Dawson,[…]

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Amanda Seyfried Will Play Lead In ‘TED 2’ | Film News

  Mamma Mia star Amanda Seyfried is set to replace Mila Kunis as the female lead for TED 2. Mila Kunis will appear in the film but will only make brief appearances. It has not been made clear whether Mark Walhberg’s character will still be with Kunis or if Seyfried will be his new partner.   Seth McFarlane, who works[…]

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Tom Hardy May Play Both Kray Twins In ‘Legend’ | Film News

  BAFTA Award-winning actor Tom Hardy is set to star in the film Legend where he may play both of London’s notorious gangsters The Kray twins. Ronald and Reginald Kray ran the crime underworld in London through their gang The Firm during the 50s and 60s and had a long list of celebrity friends including Eastenders Barbara Walters.   The[…]

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