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Conversations About Her

Scarlett Johansson Set To Star In ‘Ghost In The Shell’ Live-Action Remake | Film News

  It doesn’t feel that long ago that faint rumors were circling round about Scarlett Johansson being in talks with Dreamworks about a live-action remake of Ghost In The Shell, so it’s brilliant news to hear that the Lucy actress has officially bagged the part. Variety confirmed that Johansson was initially unsure about taking the part but I’m thrilled she’ll[…]

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Samuel L Jackson Plays The President In ‘Big Game’ | Film Trailer

  Samuel L Jackson can pretty much play any character he wants now, right? Seems so because this time around, he’s playing the President of The United States in new thriller Big Game. Directed by Jalmari Helander, Big Game see’s Air Force One being shot down in Finland, leaving the president stranded where he must rely on a young, skilled[…]

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Jeff Wadlow Completes Script For ‘Masters Of The Universe’ Remake | Film News

  The Masters Of The Universe remake seems to be moving along nicely now that Jeff Wadlow has finished the script, according to Columbia Pictures Senior Vice President, DeVon Franklin, after he tweeted a picture of the script itself. Although nothing is official yet, it is widely though that the Kick Ass 2 director will helm this project also. Still,[…]

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‘Cinderella’ Cast And Crew Discuss Fairy Tale Legacy In New Featurette | Film News

  Just days ago, we saw the new trailer for Disney‘s new Cinderella film and now we can get up close and personal with the cast and crew as they discuss the all important legacy of the original 1950’s fairy tale. As well as footage from the actual film, one can see just how important the story is to its[…]

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Warner Bros Apologizes To Sony Over Derogatory ‘Foxcatcher’ Twitter Message | Film News

  Sony Pictures have had enough social media drama after real life Foxcatcher character Mark Schultz raged at how director Bennet Miller portrayed the relationship between him and millionaire sponsor John du Pont. Now it seems Warner Brother have had some apologizing to do after an unidentified consultant of theirs set up a Twitter account and left a derogatory message[…]

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