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Conversations About Her

Russell Brand To Give Up Acting To Focus On Revolution | Film News

  Russell Brand has recently revealed that he is not interested in making money anymore and that he might give up acting to focus on his revolution. This has come after he made a very controversial statement in the press saying that he was ‘open-minded about 9/11 conspiracy theories’. Since this statement has been expressed, Brand has managed to anger[…]

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt Collaborates With Samsung To Create Short Film | Film News

  As Samsung announce their new NX1 camera, they have also teamed up with actor and film-maker Joseph Gordon-Levitt to make a short film, titled In A City, using the Samsumg 4K capable camera. The short film will show Gordon-Levitt taking to the streets and cities of the world, capturing daily lives of the patrons. Gordon-Levitt said on Friday, “when[…]

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James Franco’s ‘Zeroville’ Secures All Star Cast Including Seth Rogen & Megan Fox | Film News

  Set in the late 60’s, Zeroville is based on the novel of the same name by Steve Erickson. Sporting a bald head and near handle-bar mustache, James Franco plays a movie lover who moves to Los Angeles to see how far his acting abilities will get him. Both directing and starring in the new movie, Franco has pulled some[…]

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Luke Evans Still Attached To ‘The Crow’ Remake, Shooting To Start Next Year | Film News

  Back in 1994, Brandon Lee donned leather trousers and heavy, black eye-liner to play vengeful, once murdered man, who comes back to life to reek havoc on those who brutally killed him and his fiancee. The movie, directed by Alex Proyas, became a huge cult classic with a fiercely protective fan-base, especially since Lee tragically died of an accidental[…]

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Todd Solondz To Revisit ‘Welcome To The Dollhouse’ In New Semi-Sequel ‘Wiener-Dog’ | Film News

  It’s been nearly 20 years since Todd Solondz breakthrough film Welcome to The Dollhouse hit theaters and became a cult coming of age classic. Back in 1996, Solondz weaved a darkly funny but disturbingly heart-wrenching movie about an unpopular 7th grader, Dawn, who struggles to deal with her hideous siblings, emotionally abusive parents and tormenting kids at school. Dawn[…]

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