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Marvel’s Kevin Feige Addresses Lack Of LGBT Representation In Marvel Cinematic Universe | Film News

  After the US Supreme Court ruling that makes same sex marriage legal in the United States, Marvel president Kevin Feige has addressed the lack of representation of LGBT characters in the Marvel film universe – which are widely represented in the comic book universe. When asked about the issue during a press conference for Ant-Man – specifically if we could[…]

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt Talks ‘Sandman’ Movie Adaptation | Film News

  Joseph Gordon-Levitt has been a very busy man. Alongside his directorial debut of Don Jon and running online collaborative production company hitRECord, Gordon-Levitt is now further branching out into the world of comic books, following his role in Sin City 2: A Dame to Kill For, adapting Neil Gaiman’s DC Universecharacter Sandman.   Gordon-Levitt is currently working on the script for the[…]

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Marvel Unveils New International Trailer For ‘Ant-Man’ | Film Trailer

  A new international trailer has dropped for the latest long-anticipated Marvel superhero film, Ant-Man. Here we see Paul Rudd as Scott Lang, with the ability to shrink in size yet increase in strength, with more action-packed scenes than the last trailer released. The trailer shows a glimpse into Scott’s life and relationship with his daughter on her birthday, and more[…]

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Reveals He Can Speak Perfect English But Fans ‘Expect’ Accent | Film News

  Arnold Schwarzenegger has revealed he can infact speak in perfect English. Just that, after years of speaking the way he does, it has become a part of him to keep it up. as its what fans expect from him. “It proves that perception has changed“, he said. “In the 1970s, people were frightened of the German accent. People said[…]

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‘Top Gun 2’ To Feature Drone Warfare And Tom Cruise As Maverick | Film News

  Top Gun 2 has been in the works for an extended period of time, and because of this, the buzz has dwindled – until now. In a Terminator Genisys press event in Berlin, CEO of Skydance, David Ellison made comments about the progression of the film. He revealed that Justin Marks (Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li) is currently writing[…]

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