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‘Pixels’ Movie Reveals Second Trailer Starring Adam Sandler And Josh Gad | Film Trailer

  Chris Columbus has embarked on a Wreck-it Ralph style film to bring us Pixels. Based around aliens interpreting video games as war, the film attracts everyone from adult Pacman lovers to kids who are obsessed with Smurf. The dynamic duo from Grown-Ups (Adam Sandler and Josh Gad) along with Will Cooper and many others, bring comedy to the film[…]

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Watch Trailer For ‘We Are Your Friends’ Starring Zac Efron | Film Trailer

  Co-written and directed by Catfish: The TV Show’s Max Joseph, We Are Your Friends brings an EDM based film to the scene reminding us of a more mature Project X. With a plot juggling the troubles of listening to your heart or your head, the film focuses on loyalty between friends and girlfriends while the possibility of a great[…]

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Ben Affleck Returns To Big Screen In ‘The Accountant’ On January 29 | Film News

  No one can deny that Ben Affleck has been the man of the moment in recent times. After winning an Oscar Award for Argo, the political thriller which sees six US diplomats rescued from a hostage crisis in Iran, he give his turn as Nick Dunne in the domestic thriller, Gone Girl, which saw Affleck in a precarious position[…]

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George Miller Announces ‘Mad Max’ Sequel Title – ‘Mad Max: The Wasteland’ | Film News

  If you’re like me and indeed everyone else on planet earth, you enjoyed the living hell out of director George Miller’s bat shit insane, adrenaline fuelled, give me more of this now, Mad Max: Fury Road. The film got off to a fantastic start in last weekend’s box office and has received universal acclaim from critics across the globe.[…]

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‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ – Exhilarating But Also Sluggish And Exhausting | Film Review

  Everyone loves a bit of Tom Hardy don’t they? ( I mean… who doesn’t?!), and nothing beats him kicking some ass in Mad Max: Fury Road. Hardy stars as Max Rockatansky, a runaway who is chased and imprisoned by the vampiric and tyrannical War Boys of Immortan Joe (Hugh Keays-Byrne) who seems to be aiming for the prize of[…]

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