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Conversations About Her

Felicity Jones Cast As Lead In Stand Alone ‘Star Wars’ Movie | Film News

  Still buzzing off her Oscar Award nomination for The Theory Of Everything, starlet Felicity Jones has another reason to celebrate as she bags the female lead in Gareth Edward‘s stand alone Star Wars movie. With J.J. Abrams‘ epic Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens hitting theatres in December this year, we’re likely to hear more casting news about[…]

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Bryan Cranston Rumoured To Be Considered For ‘Star Trek 3’ Villain Role | Film News

  Another day, another rumour and this one’s pretty juicy. With a power house team behind it, including Justin Lin directing and Simon Pegg and Doug Jung writing, there have been little confirmed news about Star Trek 3, with just a few flying rumours making their way online. Well, according to Film Divider, there will be a “Bryan Cranston-like” character[…]

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First Images Of ‘Frozen’ Gang In Disney Short ‘Frozen Fever’ | Film News

  Just as the constant “Let It Go” renditions were beginning to die down, Disney decide to release a Frozen short in just over a month! Frozen Fever will debut before showings of Kenneth Branagh‘s new Cinderella movie, bringing a brand new song to become obsessed with. USA Today posted the first few images and the new synopsis; “Frozen Fever,[…]

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Cameron Crowe’s Romantic Comedy Gets Official ‘Aloha’ Title | Film News

  We first heard that Jerry Maguire director Cameron Crowe was going to be tackling a new romantic comedy around two years ago and then when the untitled film was meant to hit theatres last Christmas Day, it was moved back to May this year. It seems now that the Hawaii-set film finally has its official title; Aloha. This is[…]

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Sandra Bullock To Voice ‘Minions’ Supervillain Scarlet Overkill | Film News

  America’s sweetheart, Sandra Bullock, is channeling her inner baddie as she prepares to play Minions‘ movie villain ‘Scarlet Overkill’. Voicing the animated character in the spin-off from Pierre Coffin and Chris Read‘s smash hit Despicable Me, Bullock takes on this trickster role, ready to stir up some trouble for everybody’s favorite minions. Here’s the official synopsis for the film;  […]

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