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Conversations About Her

‘How To Train Your Dragon 3’ Will Be Last In Franchise | Film News

  Known for milking their franchises for all their worth, Dreamworks could have quite easily rung out How To Train Your Dragon until Hiccup was an old man and Toothless had gone to Dragon Heaven. Luckily for us, director Dean DeBlois managed to call time on How To Train Your Dragon and decided the third installment would be its last.[…]

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Jenna Malone To Appear In ‘Batman vs Superman’ | Film News

  The Hunger Games star Jenna Malone, has reportedly been bagged by Warner Bros to feature in the up and coming Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice movie. Rumors have been floating around about Malone appearing as a female version of Batman’s famous sidekick, Robin, but at the moment, we’re not sure if there’s any credibility to that statement.  […]

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‘Big Hero 6’ To Be Another Smash Hit For Disney | Film News

  On November 7, we will be graced with the presence of Disney’s new movie Big Hero 6, and according to early buzz, this will be another huge hit for Disney. The verdict for the hype has been due to opinions over social media with tweets about the film reading the likes of “#bighero6 is visually inventive, exciting and astounding“,[…]

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‘August: Osage County’ Acress Misty Upham Found Dead At Age 32 | Film News

  Misty Upham, actress known for August: Osage County and upcoming film Cake, has been found dead In Auburn, Washington. The actress, who had been missing for eight days, was found during a search of the surrounding area. The cause of death is yet unknown however foul play has been ruled out. Upham reportedly suffered from bipolar disorder, so it[…]

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‘Night Of The Living Dead’ Prequel To Be Crowdsourced | Film News

  George Romero’s son, Cameron, is crowdsourcing the funds to create a prequel to his fathers 1968 horror classic, Night of the Living Dead. The proposed prequel titled Origins follows a scientist who makes a deal with the military to finalise his work which (as we know) ends up turning on mankind. It is set to answer questions left unanswered[…]

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