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Kanye West And Damon Dash Present ‘Too Honourable’ | Film Trailer

  This new collaboration is on another level since two leaders of Hip-Hop are working together: Kanye West and Dame Dash are currently producing a movie together and have just revealed a trailer for the film. The movie is called Too Honourable and after watching the only two-minute long trailer, it gets clear that this project will be put in[…]

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‘Batman vs Superman’ Teaser Debuts Ahead Of Official Trailer | Film News

  The first teaser for this fantasy within a fantasy extravaganza mammoth movie Batman vs Superman is available to view via director’s Zack Snyder’s Twitter page, which he kindly shared recently. The teaser features both superheroes’ torsos, with the expected tension highlighted by some dramatic music. The full trailer will be available to audiences in the US from Monday (April[…]

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‘Suicide Squad’ Director Shares First Photo Of Jared Leto As The Joker | Film News

  David Ayer has shared the first picture of Jared Leto dressed as the famous Batman villain, The Joker. A full cast photo was released earlier this weej, but Leto wasn’t in the shoot, therefore Ayer snapped him in Joker mode to treat the fans. Ayer is due to start shooting the eagerly anticipated film following a team of infamous[…]

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Watch New TV Spots For ‘The Avengers: Age of Ultron’ | Film Trailer

  The Avengers: Age of Ultron now has two TV spots, with the release of the movie soon upon us, and in one trailer, it packs a comedy punch – when Hawkeye realizes that he’s up against killer robots with just his bow and arrow, he doesn’t see the funny side though. The other trailer shows the Avengers all coming[…]

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Watch New Trailer For ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ | Film Trailer

  In the sequel to the cult post-apocalyptic classic Mad Max, we see hottie shottie Tom Hardy take on the iconic Mel Gibson role. The film aims to offer fresh interpretations of the lawless society in Mad Max, along with all the nightmares, vengeance and violence, that inherit this wasteland. Mad Max: Fury Road will hit US cinemas on May[…]

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